Lionel Shi

As founder and owner of Aust Global Investments (AGI), a property development, investment and management firm, Lionel Shi has built a reputation as a highly accomplished real estate investor with an eye for quality projects that deliver great returns for his clients. Established in 2008 in Melbourne’s CBD, AGI has grown to have offices in Melbourne, Shanghai and Nanjing.


Lionel moved to Melbourne from China in 1991. After completing his secondary education, he went onto university, graduating with an Engineering degree. He initially launched his business career in the telecommunications industry, investing in a Telechoice franchise, which he also managed. It was the success of this venture that enabled him to subsequently transition into property investment.


The fact Lionel remains in Melbourne three decades later and that he has chosen to base his business here speaks volumes for his love of the city. He describes how Melbourne has changed since he first arrived: ‘Back then, it was a laid back garden city. A nice place to live, but nothing like the vibrant, world class international capital it has become.’


In part, it is Lionel’s love of Melbourne, his ‘second home’, that motivated his decision to become involved with La Moneta Foundation, where he will serve as Chief Strategic Officer and Head of Fundraising.


‘Melbourne has given me so much over the years. It’s where I was educated and where I have had the opportunity to establish a successful business. Just as I have grown during this time, I have watched the city grow into the dynamic and cosmopolitan place it is today. I feel like it’s the right time give something back. To contribute to making Melbourne an even better place to call home.’

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