About Us

About Us.

We often think of Charity As an Action.

La Moneta Foundation was founded on a simple philosophy. The idea that every human life is sacred.

This inherent dignity that we all share demands that each of us is treated with love, compassion and respect.

We also believe that a society should be judged by how it treats its most vulnerable.

In times past, many communities failed to live up to these ideals when it came to children with disabilities. Fortunately, we live in more enlightened times today. As a society, we have come to recognise the shared humanity of even the most profoundly disabled people and typically, we do our best to help them live fulfilling lives.

The greatest barrier to helping disabled children today is not people’s attitudes, but limited resources. Many of these children have highly complex needs. Addressing these needs, while ensuring they have access to the kinds of medical interventions and therapies needed to help them reach their true potential often requires a substantial financial investment.

But I think of Charity as a State Of The Heart.

All too often, families of children born with disabilities simply don’t have the resources to give them the care they need. The public sector has a role to play here and in Australia, our government has performed admirably in recent years with the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). However, given budgetary constraints, the public contribution to caring for disabled children is necessarily limited.

That’s where we have a role to play. At La Moneta, our aim is to help as many disabled children as we can to get the care and treatment they need.

We strongly believe that all children should remain with their families, as far as this remains possible. This aligns with research that shows the value of a loving family to bringing about the best outcomes for disabled children.

With this in mind, we are working with our partners to develop an NDIS approved accomodation hub for disabled children and their families. All units will be equiped with facilities required by children with different kinds of disabilities. Once families move in, we will ensure they have access to the best available therapies for their children’s development, while supporting them financially in accessing these services.

Beyond this, La Moneta will provide financial support to underfunded programs that we recognise as making a real difference in disabled children’s lives.

Our core mission is to help disabled children get the best possible start in life, ensuring they not only achieve their potential, but flourish.