Current projects


Project Australia


The aim of Project Australia is to promote Australian made products while raising money to fund La Moneta Foundation’s charitable activities. This reflects our belief that poverty and disadvantage can be alleviated by helping the local economy, as well as through well designed social programs.


We are currently working with long term partner, De’Aurora, maker of some of world’s finest skin care products. De’Aurora combines ingredients recognised from ancient times for their healing and beauty enhancing qualities with a unique combination of essential oils to produce a skin care range that leaves your skin feeling soft, hydrated and clean. Every one of De’Aurora’s products is made from all natural, organic ingredients, while being carbon neutral and cruelty free.


Visit De’Aurora’s website at to order products such as Hand & Body wash with Agarwood, Frankincense and Myrrh, Hand & Body Wash with Agarwood and Green Lemons, and Pure Grape Total Body Scrub. $5 from every sale is donated to La Moneta Foundation. This is used to fund the foundation’s charitable works, as well as supporting the work of other charities, including the Salvation Army and the Lighthouse Foundation.   

We are currently seeking other Australian businesses to partner with as part of Project Australia.


Book of Chance


Are you an aspiring author? Have you ever dreamt of publishing your work? Well now’s your chance. And all for a good cause.


They say we each have at least one great novel inside us. It’s just a matter of sitting down to write it. Book of Chance is a project dedicated to encouraging aspiring writers of any age to explore their creative sides by writing and publishing their own stories as a way of helping disadvantaged kids. All proceeds from books published through the program go towards funding our charitable work, as well as that of our partner charities, including the Salvation Army and the Lighthouse Foundation.


There are no restrictions on form or content. Whether you are a budding novelist, a poet or have an idea for a graphic novel, we would love to help you get your work published. Approach us with an idea and we will put you in touch with experts from the publishing industry who will help you produce your work, before getting it published.